The active participation and involvement of all citizens in governance matters is a human right and important part of the democratic process.

Without access to governance information and transparency there can be no true participation and involvement of all members of a community particularly marginalized citizens like those with disabilities, senior citizens and those from a lower socioeconomic class in society.

As the rate of  illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, very limited to no involvement in governance continues to grow among Youth with Disabilities in Africa there is urgent need for governments, Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) and youth led organizations to start taking action now.                

AYWDN will work with governments in Africa to ensure that there is active involvement, participation and representation of Youth with Disabilities in governance . Without involvement, participation and representation the rising issues of concern facing Youth with Disabilities in Africa cannot be adequately addressed neither can lasting solutions be developed and implemented.

Program Goal

To ensure that the rights of Youth with Disabilities in Africa are recognized and respected and that they are actively participating, included, involved and represented in governance.

 Program Objective

To work collaboratively with a cross section of stakeholders (government officials, politicians, political parties, other youth/disability organizations, lobby/advocacy groups) to ensure that Youth with Disabilities in Africa are actively participating, represented and involved in governance.

Program Output

  • Increased representation, inclusion and participation of Youth with Disabilities in Africa in all areas of governance.
  • Increased and inclusive youth policies that addresses issues of Youth with disabilities in Africa.
  • Introduction and development of a database to record the number of Youth with Disabilities Africa.
  • Ongoing advocacy to ensure that countries in Africa ratify and implement the UN CRPD.
  • Increased freedom of expression and access to governance information for Youth with Disabilities in Africa.
  • Ongoing training for Youth with Disabilities in Africa to improve and enhance lobbying, advocacy skills, knowledge on existing government and regional laws, rights, treaties, policies and programs.
  • Improved local governance, respect for human rights, gender and Youth with Disabilities empowerment and development in Africa.
  • Ongoing Research, Documentation and Dissemination of information on Youth Rights and Governance in Africa.