Access to Education is the ability for all people to have equal opportunity in education, regardless of their background, disability, ethnicity or social class.

Societal attitudes and discrimination tied to disability make it particularly difficult for Youth with Disabilities (YWDs) in Africa to access education.

AYWDN will work collaboratively with key stakeholders (educators, higher learning student organizations, governments and education ministries) to ensure that barriers like inaccessible classrooms/lecture rooms or high tuition fees that hinder YWDs from accessing education are addressed and solutions implemented.

Program Goal

To achieve equal and affordable education and access to vital education support services for Youth with Disabilities in Africa.

Program Objective

To address barriers which hinder Youth with Disabilities (YWDs) from accessing education opportunities and services by working collaboratively with government ministries in charge of youth education and services, educators, public and private sector groups with the goal of developing and implementing solutions aimed at making education more accessible.

Program Output

  • Increased enrolment and completion rate of African Youth with Disabilities in higher learning institutions.
  • Meetings/training sessions for parents and care takers to help raise awareness and address societal attitudes about the relevance of education for young people with disabilities.
  • Increased education grants and scholarships for Youth with Disabilities in Africa.
  • Accessible education facilities for Youth with Disabilities in Africa.
  • Improved education support services for Youth with Disabilities in Africa.
  • Disability awareness presentations at schools, colleges and universities.
  • Ongoing Research, Documentation and Dissemination of information on Access to Education for Youth with Disabilities in Africa.